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Last Updated Friday February 29th 2008

Cutetube: A round up of cute & funny kid videos

We scour the web each week to find the cutest and funniest videos posted by parents like you. Here are this weeks favorite pics:

We were laughing out loud at this hilarious tutorial on how to beat your child at video games.

An adorable video of a little one playing with dad

Funny video with witty commentary from the parents. This dad gives his little girl a talking to about drawing on herself with marker

In news of the strange related to babies, this site left us doing some head scratching. We did a little searching to try to figure out what's going on there, and from what we gleaned you can order a baby-shaped bag filled with rice. You can customize the bag with a photo of your baby and the company will fill the bag to weigh as much as your newborn. This site describes the rice baby bags (in English) with more detail.

Posted on Wednesday February 27th 2008

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Trendspotting: Organic products

Organic products for kids and babies are ecologically sound and hip. We love organic goods because it supports pesticide-free farming and produces some of the softest fabric you'll find for dressing, swaddling and caring for your baby or small child. We're proud to say that many of our retail partners offer a variety of organic products for your baby or child and we encourage you to check out their selection. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Happy Green Bee Blanket available from Tender Cargo

We love the brilliant happy vibrant color of this cozy cuddly blanket available from Tender Cargo. The super soft and soothing stretchy organic cotton is the perfect way to swaddle newborns and snuggle toddlers! Tender Cargo also carries matching brightly striped dolls and hats. In fact, their entire shop is filled with a terrific selection of organic products you and your little one are sure to love.

Fun Strawberry Infant Onesie or Shirt available from Polkadot Patch Boutique

We love this cute tee/onesie and its earthy natural feel. Your little one will look cute as a button in it and enjoy the soft cotton feel of this fabric. Polkadot Patch Boutique carries a few different organic clothing lines we like including Nina and Tom and POS Organic

Lovelines Organic Crib Bedding available from Sparkability

Your little girl will feel like a princess with this elegant modern organic crib bedding. The fabric is 100% Organic Cotton 220 thread count Sateen so she'll be totally comfy in this luxurious bedding. Sparkability carries a few other organic bedding sets and lots of really cool modern toys and nursery decor made of eco-friendly materials. We're especially fond of this ridiculously cool space frame sculpture kit made of a unique material derived from recycled soda bottles. Where was that when we were growing up?!

Davies Babies Balm available from The Baby Chic Boutique

This great smelling creamy lotion is great for a baby or child's skin. It contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and a blend of certified organic botanical extracts. It's ideal for keeping your little one's skin soft and moisturized.

Posted on Monday February 25th 2008

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Inexpensive & Free Entertainment for Little Ones

New Ways to Have Fun With Your Tyke Indoors and Outside.

Whether you're saving your pennies for a family summer vacation or down and out because it's tax time, we've got a few ways for your to amuse your little guy or girl that won't break the bank.

Around the House:

1. Small children love to play dress up but you need not break the bank on brand new tiaras and tutus if you're watching your budget. You've probably got what you need right at home. To prepare for a good game of dress up, first clean your closet. This is great because it gets you organized and turns old junk into new treasures for your little one. Dig up the old neckties, handbags, hats, jewelry and other such items you no longer use and get them all into an empty box for your child to explore. If you've got nothing good in your closet thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive dress up supplies.

2. Help your child build a fort. There are a few ways you can do this. You can go with the classic sofa cushions and blankets model or you can get some large cardboard boxes for your child to play in. You may find some especially big boxes discarded by your neighborhood appliace store. The other great thing about cardboard boxes is that your child can not only hide out inside of them, they can also decorate the boxes to look like little houses. You and you child can do this together with paint and brushes, construction paper and glue or even giant magic markers. If you want to make things even fancier you can cut "windows" and "doors" out of a very large cardboard box so your child has a miniature inexpensive play house.

3. Create your own bowling lane. Arrange some empty plastic bottles like bowling pins at one end of the room and have your child roll a ball across the room to knock them down. Your tyke can also help you set the "pins" up again after he or she knocks them down.

Around Town:

1. Take your child to the library. Most libraries not only have a wonderful selection of books you and your child can read together, they also have CDs and movies that you can check out for free.

2. Plan a picnic. Have your tyke help you prepare a lunch you two can enjoy together at the park. Your child can also help you pack up the meal into the cooler.

3. Organize a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is a great way to provide mental stimulation, get some exercise and help your child explore the outside world. For a young child learning about colors you can tell him or her to find something green (like blades of grass) or gray (like stones) or pink (like flowers). For an older child you can hide things in your yard for your child to find.

Posted on Friday February 29th 2008

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Valentine's Day Fun With The Kids

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to help your child explore his or her creative side. In addition to the standard Valentine card making, we've got a couple of crafty ideas for you and your child to enjoy together.

Sugar Cookies

Although they're typically considered a Christmas time treat, sugar cookies are so much fun that they can be incorporated into a variety of holidays. Here is one recipe that turns out dough ideal for use as your little Picasso's canvas.

3/4 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups flour

Additional Materials:
Heart-shaped cookie cutters
Candy sprinkles
Food coloring
Small clean paint brushes
Disposable cups for mixing paint
Water to clean brushes

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar and then stir in the eggs and vanilla. In a separate bowl combine the baking soda, salt,and flour. Gradually combine the dry and wet mixtures together and knead to form a dough. Allow the dough to refrigerate for several hours before you roll it out.

Once the dough has chilled roll the dough out on a clean dry floured surface such as a kitchen table. Help your child use the cookie cutters to cut out heart-shaped cookies. Arrange the cut outs on a foil covered baking sheet. (Foil is suggested since this can get a bit messy.) Allow your child to decorate the cookies with sprinkles and paint little pictures on the cookies using food coloring for paint. (I often combine the food coloring with some water to get a less intense color.)

Once the cookies are finished being decorated bake them in a 400 degree oven until the edges are slightly golden brown which should take about 6-8 minutes.

Valentine Box

Since your little one probably gets Valentines from classmates at school, helping him or her create a nice keepsake box for them is a fun and creative activity.

Old magazines
Tissue Paper
Old Buttons
Fimo Cut-Outs
A cardboard shoe box

Don't worry if you don't have all of the materials above, this list is just to give you some ideas of things you could use. Provide your child with the glue, scissors and decorative materials (magazines, tissue paper, macaroni, beads, sequins, buttons, etc.) and help him or her decorate the shoe box with these supplies. By the time your child is done, he or she will have a beautifully decorated box for storing Valentine treasures from friends and family.

Posted on Friday February 1st 2008

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