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Last Updated Friday February 29th 2008

All About the Trendy Little Blog

We started this blog because the products featured on Trendy and Little don't always do justice to the amazing selection of products our partners have to offer. Who are these partners, you might ask? They're independent retailers whose items you'll find within the pages of the Trendy and Little shopping portal.

The Trendy and Little site was conceived with the notion that there are lots of great little independent shops out there selling amazing, unique and stylish items for babies and children. These great little shops are often over-shadowed by the chains, big box stores and huge corporations who also sell products in the baby and child products market. Our mission at Trendy and Little is to bring exposure to these wonderful overlooked independent shops and help hip, stylish parents find unique items. Trendy and Little offers a sampling of some of the great items you'll find on our partners' websites, but if you don't have time to explore each retailer's site fully, just turn to the Trendy Little Blog and we'll show you some of our favorite picks you might have missed.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll find fresh updates on the Trendy Little Blog featuring cool things we've found on our partners' websites and details about why we love them. You'll also find interviews with indepedent shopkeepers and designers, tips from real parents on life with little ones, and even some funny links, videos and stories about kids and babies.

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